6 & 7 SEPTEMBER 2018




Keynote Speakers

ms claire ford

Ms Claire Ford

We engAGE

Claire Ford is a socially-engaged visual artist whose work is multidisciplinary and process-led, often inspired by conversations, observations, objects or life stories. Relationships, multi-sensory exploration and imagination are an essential part of the creative journey. Claire aims to inspire the lives of people living with dementia. She aims to shift and question society’s perceptions of living with dementia from a negative to a positive paradigm. We engAGE is a project that Claire runs and coordinates with a collective of artists across the UK. It aims to use digital creativity to engage older people in the arts.

mrs jeon hye won

Ms Jeon Hye Won

Head of Department
Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers

Jeon Hye Won is the Secretariat-General of the Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers, which has worked extensively on arts education projects for seniors. Her work focuses on developing new, relevant projects for seniors that respond to rapid social changes, as well as supporting research on arts and cultural education for seniors in order to influence the work of Senior Welfare Centers. She has previously presented on a variety of eldercare-related topics at many platforms, including an international conference by the Korean Gerontological Society in 2017.

ms emiko namikawa

Ms Emiko Namikawa

NPO Art Resources Development Association

Emiko Namikawa is the President of the NPO Art Resources Development Association (ARDA) in Tokyo, Japan. Her arts experience includes running contemporary art gallery Lunami in Tokyo, as well as organising and curating several exhibitions in Australia and Asia, such Asthe International Art Festival Tachikawa – LIVE, which featured 22 female artists. In 1998, she closed Gallery Lunami, and started Art Delivery to Care Homes in the following year. She established NPO ARDA in 2002, which is active in bringing the arts to elders in care homes and children in schools.

Speakers and Panellists

mr kyung heo

Mr Kyung Heo

The National Association of Community Mediacenters

Kyung Heo is the Director of the National Association of Community Mediacenters (NACM) in Korea, as well as the professional consultant on media education for seniors for Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) & NACM. He is also part of the Korea Association of Community Radio, which enables the community, including seniors, to directly produce programmes. Since 2013, NACM (together with KACES from 2016) has supported local community mediacenters in providing media education for seniors – activities such as making short films and producing content for social media, radio, podcast and Youtube.

mr stanley koh

Mr Stanley Koh


Stanley Koh is a photographer for 10 years and the owner of TOPIXSTUDIO. He specializes in portraits.

Currently Stanley has been working a few welfare organizations, teaching digital photography as an art, to the elderly Dementia folks at Alzheimer's Disease Association (5 years running) and Down Syndrome Association of Singapore (3 years running).

mr lee sze chin

Mr Lee Sze-Chin

Art Therapist
St Luke’s Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital
Associate Faculty
Singapore University of Social Sciences

Sze-Chin is an artist, art therapist and art educator. He has worked in diverse settings, delivered numerous presentations and facilitated workshops for medical, educational and social service professionals. Sze-Chin's recent research focuses on the impact of digital technologies on social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. He has been examining the use of affordable virtual and digital tools for engaging in immersive experiences. Sze-Chin believes that these technologies can promote creative self-expression, and stimulate the [re]construction of new meanings, narratives and identities.

mr moses sia

Mr Moses Sia

Arts Educator

Moses has a special interest in creativity, learning and technology. As an artist-educator, he has designed and conducted process art sessions for groups spanning preschoolers to seniors.

mr jeffrey tan

Mr Jeffrey Tan

Theatre Director
Drama Educator

Jeffrey Tan is an experienced theatre director, drama educator who has worked with different communities from children, youths and seniors. He has worked full time with The Theatre Practice, School of Drama, Lasalle College of the Arts, TheatreWorks, Singapore Arts Festival, National Arts Council, Community Arts and Culture Division, People's Association and Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore.

This is Jeffrey’s third community project with the National Arts Council after ‘Capture that Love’ (2015) and ‘Open Homes- The Seniors Edition’(2017).

dr michael tan

Dr Michael Tan Koon Boon

Assistant Professor
School of Art, Design and Media
Nanyang Technological University

Michael Tan is an Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University. As an advocate and a leading arts-health practitioner in Singapore, he has developed projects such as 'Let's have tea at the Museum', a dementia & art project with Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) and The Tulip Story for Parkinson Society. He also serves as an art advisor to Art and Health at Ng Teng Fong Hospital, Singapore and has recently developed an innovative new postgraduate course on Arts, Ageing and Wellbeing at NTU.

mr vincent yong

Mr Vincent Yong

Somatic Artist

Vincent Yong is an award-winning scholar and artist. He is the first Certified Movement Analyst and Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist in South East Asia conferred in USA. Vincent recently presented at the Harvard University in a conference researching on the effects of people’s body in “empathy”. With over 17 years of international experiences, Vincent has performed, choreographed, produced, trained, programme-designed and provided therapy for professionals across 20 plus countries and 20 over sectors. He has also published a book on Flow.


Ms Joanne Lio

Visual Artist

Joanne Lio is a visual artist and graduate from Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media with a BFA (Hons) in Visual Communication in 2012. She is an art educator to both children and elderly, specializing in Art curriculum and events. She has started working with seniors since 2012 by organizing and conducting a range of meaningful art processes for Parkinson Society Singapore, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Agency for Integrated Care, Lions Befrienders and St Luke’s Eldercare. She was part of the curation and coordination for Silver Arts Festival 2017 Exhibition at Our Tampines Hub. Joanne was involved as one of the artists in the first ever arts residency pilot from October 2017 to January 2018, a joint initiative by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) and the National Art's Council.


Ms Joyce Anna

Medical Social Work Associate
St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok)

Joyce Anna is a Medical Social Work Associate at St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok), a 300-bedded psychiatric and dementia nursing home that provides long term nursing care for residents.

Residents receive a spectrum of services, including nursing and rehabilitative therapy services in a safe and supportive environment. Daily activities include physical exercises, art and crafts, social and recreational activities such as singing, dancing and outings to develop their social interaction skills.


Ms Vc.Praba

Villa Francis Home for the Aged

Vc.Praba started her career as a Physiotherapist in Geriatric ward in an acute hospital in Singapore. Currently working in Villa Francis Home for the Aged, she coordinates the Rehabilitation department and organises events and projects for the wellness of the residents. These projects include I-TAP, an Interactive Tablet Programme which enhances psychosocial interactions among long-term care residents, and the Visual Arts Residency pilot project with AIC and NAC. She is pursuing her masters in Applied Gerontology in Nanyang Technological University.

Villa Francis Home emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards life in spite of ageing and illness, and to stay physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually engaged. The Home partners various groups such as corporate groups, religious groups, schools, our home team, the Agency for Integrated Care, the National Arts Council and other community groups.


A/Prof Kenny Tan

Chief Executive Officer
St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd

A/Prof Kenny Tan is a medical doctor by training, having graduated from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS in 1998. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of St Luke’s Hospital and St Luke’s ElderCare since 2013; and took over as the Chief Executive Officer of St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd since August 2016.

He also holds other concurrent appointments as Chairman of the Board of Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre (EMCC), and Vice-Chairman of Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST).

He believes in life-long learning, and has post-graduate training in education, business, theology and counselling. He also has a passion in education, and currently also holds a joint appointment with Singapore Institute of Technology.

Mr Winsy Takumi Togelang

Mr Winsy Takumi Togelang

Centre Manager
St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd

Winsy Takumi Togelang is an experienced Centre Manager with two Masters Degrees in Health Management and Science in Nursing. He also has ten years of hands-on experience, including work experience in the eldercare sector in Japan and Indonesia. He has been with St Luke’s Eldercare since 2014, and is responsible for the organisation of the day centre, ensuring the quality delivery of day-to-day care services to meet the assessed needs of the seniors.

Ms Angeline Lau

Ms Angeline Lau

Centre Manager

Angeline is a Centre Manager at THK Seniors Activity Centre @ Ang Mo Kio 645, and has been at this SAC since 2014. Before joining the social service sector, she was a primary school teacher.

Panel Discussion Moderator

ms ngwenlei

Ms Ng Wen Lei

Co-Founder, Betwixt Festival
Co-Founder, Spang&Lei

Wen Lei is an artist & educator, and a graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). Wen Lei hopes to initiate a dialogue between the state of Singapore’s digital-art technology and Singapore’s level of participatory politics. Her current interests include storytelling through food and data, and developing miniaturization and mobility as design methodology for minoritarian empowerment.